Second Level of Yoga

There are many applications and fields and branches of Yoga.
To clear this up, it can be observed that human beings have four instruments to their disposal for enlightenment: body, mind, heart and speech.

In reality everyone uses all four instruments, because they all have a body, a heart and a mind. Although ultimately only knowledge leads to unity, the others are necessary to purify the body, mind and heart first, before real understanding can dawn.


Meditation takes on a central role in this process; it is the penultimate step to samadhi in the yoga-sūtras. To prepare for meditation the mind and heart need purification. All types of yoga with various names are given; all are a preparation to the ultimate aim.

The yoga-sūtras are often called Rājayoga or ‘The Supreme method of Yoga’. These are just names.

Eight steps

This needs time to get familiar with and put into practice; step by step starting with the 5 restraints and observances. Begin by simply being aware of the overall system and state which of these are already part of your daily life and which you would like to develop for your own peace of mind.